Desperate for help

I started having discharge a few years ago I went to the doctors and had several swabs. My smear was clear . After going back around five times I was told to 'just ignore it ' by a nurse practitioner. Putting up with the discharge I then started to get a burning back pain which was continuous for a long time.upon returning to the doctors I was told ibs which I told her I had never suffered with anything like that before and I really did not think it was anything to do with. Was sent for an internal and external ultrasound which came back clear. I then start to get mucus from my bowel . Had a a colonoscopy and had an ulcer gastritis and h pylori. Following a course of anti biotic I did not feel any better at all. Going back to the doctors I was referred to gyne. He did another internal ultrasound. Results were normal and he did a smear came back normal. I begged him to do a laparoscopy and he said absolutely not where are you going to stop with hear investigations. I walked out crying my eyes out still in constant pain down below pains in my womb hip pain that feels right in my bones. I wrote to him twice and begged him over and over to help me he wrote back saying no he wouldn't and he's let me gp know I keep writing to him. I now have a white tongue that I have had to brush off everyday for god knows how long. No doctor knows what it is I have seen three ent that have said its just an imbalance of bacteria. My lymph nodes in my neck have hurt for a very long time it's like there burning constantly. I have involuntary movements when relaxing. Neuro said its normal I know it isn't . He did do a brain mri and came back normal. I also have been in a and e many times crippled over in pain had two CT scans on abdominal and bladder and kidneys all came back normal and a mri on spine for the back pain and struggling to control bladder from time to time. Again normal. Now I have the same pains in my ribs as I do my hips I'm in absolute agony. How can so many tests show up nothing. I finally managed to find a doctor last week who sat and listened to me whilst I have my children with me and he said I can't believe you have been left like this when you are in so much pain with women troubles and everything else. He sent me to a gyne which his wife also a doctor said is very kind and he will listen. I went last week and he agreed and said I need a hystoscopy and a lap to follow . I am so scared I have pains all.over and pains in my lymph nodes all around my head and my glands hurt every day in my neck. I also have pains in my arms constantly.i have had to pretend to be OK for so long and so sick of being told my doctors I'm anxious and depressed. I'm not anxious I'm genuinely in so much pain . The nice doctor showed me what my old gyne had wrote back to him and it said this girl is thought to have anxiety depression and caffeine addiction_this is totally made up I was so annoyed. Even notes to say I find his girl astonishing . How can they get away with writing this about me when I'm I'm such much pain. One more week to wait I just don't know if I can live like his for another week without breaking down. I'm a mum of four beautiful children and they are my world . I just can't help but think I'll be dead by Christmas with all my symptoms and all the bone pain. I know I shouldn't . I'm say here in floods of tears.  Thanks for reading any help would be massively appreciated. Got to pull myself together now before the kids see me ....

Hi It'snotfair, so sorry to hear you are going through this. I know a member of the forum will be along be soon to offer you some support. However, in the mean time if you would like to speak to somebody directly we have a helpline - 0808 802 8000. The helpline is run by trained volunteers who have either personal or professional experience of cervical cancer or cervical abnormalities and will be able to give you the support you are looking for.

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Honey I didn't want to just read and run.

Have you ever had blood test for B12 deficiency? I only ask as this can cause many symptoms you described and is very easy to treat. Including depression, tiredness and anxiety.  It can also cause nerve problems and neurological problems.

A sore beefy looking tongue can be a sign.

I felt very unwell pre diagnosed - but 13 years on I am fine - I just have to have B12 shots every 12 weeks for life.

This may not be the case but if you haven't been tested for it - it may be a worth a shot to rule it out. 

Take care hun and as Fran said above it may help to ring the number and have a chat.