Desperate for feedback

Hi all! 

My name is Julie, i am 23 years old. Ive had my first colposcopy done today, it has been a few hours and i am in great discomfort in regards to my vaginal area and cervix? (im assuming). While getting the colposcopy done, i felt mild discomfort as the 3 biospsies were taken.Besides a little discomfort, i did cramp for about 20 minutes afterwards but then it ceased. 

It has been a few hours and it HURTS to do anything. When i sit, stand up, bend down, cough etc.. it hurts and feels very uncomfortable. 

**I have to say, i also feel very weird, its hard for me to explain but i feel almost as if something heavy (along with pressure) is inside my cervix.. like something is weighted and it is about to pop out. Now obviously there is nothing inside, (right?). 

Has anyone else experienced this? 

Could it be the Monsel Solution clumping up to be extracted?

Besides a tiny bit of bleeding and some yellowish dye, nothing is coming out. 


On another note, prior to getting my colposcopy, when recieving results of abnormal pap, i was also told that i was HPV Positive. Im curious to know about others in the same situation. 


Thanks for reading, i'm really hoping to hear some feedback, 


Sorry you're feeling bad Julie.  Unfortunately I can't help as I was quite lucky and my LLETZ didn't cause any immediate issues, possibly because i've had 2 coils fitted so my cervix is used to being poked about.

Hopefully someone will be able to help further, if in doubt though you could call an out of hours service for advice.

I also have HPV virus that was picked up from my smear. My paperwork that I saw at the coposcopy said HPV 16 but i've not really been told what it means.  Just anxious for the results now as the smear came back with a severe grading, which I think means CIN3 but I didn't ask at my appointment as I forgot.

After mine I did nothing but sit and lie down for the day and felt uncomfortable, dosed up on painkillers and had an early night, next day I felt ok on getting up so didn't take any painkillers stupidly and by a couple of hours into work I took some, but I too had that heavy feeling like my insides were going to drop out. Wasn't nice :( following day I was at college so sat down all day but by the evening I felt terrible again. Took me a good few days too feel right and couldn't walk and stand for too long x

Hi Julie, I had the same as you, had mine done yesterday.  Also had 3 punch biopsies at the same time.  I had the mirena coil in place so also am used to being poked about somewhat...well I DID have the coil...the biopsy and the colposcopy caused it to dislodge so they had to remove it at the same time.  I had exactly the same symptoms as you with strong stomach cramps, but as I had the same thing when I had the coil fitted a few years ago I wasn't unduly worried, but I also felt quite sick and dizzy.  I took today off work, I feel fine now.  I had a bit of dark brown/red bleeding after colp and overnight but today it is just spotting.  So hopefully you will be the same as me and by tomorrow you will feel a whole lot better.  I also had high risk hpv, and moderate cell changes.  Now the long wait for results which I am sure will be good for both of us. Good luck

Thanks for getting back to me :)

Just to clarify (im still new to all these terms) LLETZ would be basiaclly the second step after colposcopy results right?

im not sure which HPV i have but im glad you mentioned that because i feel that its important to ask! 

Im hoping its not CIN3 for you! 

Please do keep me posted! -Julie



I have yet to take pain killers but i may have to because the cramps came back on and off for a little while. 

Im seriously glad you can relate to the heavy feeling, i was starting to think i was possibly imagining it! How long did that feeling last for? 

Thanks for your reply! -Julie

Yikes! I keep reading about the colposcopy messing with peoples BC! Surprisingly no more spotting (unless it'll be back later) just that weird yellow stuff.. 

Please keep me posted on your results if you'd like! The waiting sucks, i was told i would hear back by the end of next week. :(

Wishing you well! - Julie 

Wow you only have to wait a week?  They told me there is a 6 week wait for results from biopsies at my hospital.  :-( I asked that if I hadn't received the result by 5 weeks did that mean it was probably good  news, she said that it made no difference, they allowed for a 6 week response time.  Be really happy if I get mine next week...fingers crossed.  Let me know how you get on.



Yes, 2 weeks the most but surely not 6! I wonder why? She did say that she was sending out the samples she collected to the lab right after the procedure..

I will update with results as soon as i hear back! 

I had my LLETZ at the same time as my colposcopy, I could have come back later if a biopsy had shown I needed to but just wanted it over with in one visit and she said it did look like I needed treatment.

I think i'll just have to wait for the results, she indicated it would be a couple of weeks so I hope I don't have to wait long.

It's a postcode lottery as to when results come back unfortunately. Over 2 months for colposcopy after abnormal smear, 6 weeks after colposcopy. If lived elsewhere much quicker but have read people having to wait for 8 weeks. Really hate this waiting. I'm driving myself insane worrying. 

Hey hun, after my colposcopy with biopsies I was EXACTLY the same. I know the pressure feeling you mean, it was hideous. It lasted about 4 days. I bled very heavily from the moment they did it too - I got a lot of 'gravelly' looking stuff coming out of me which is normal too.

The good news is, I found the biopsies much worse than the LLETZ/cone biopsy I had afterwards! So the worst is over.

With the results - I was told 6 weeks. I was going nuts so I called them on day 3 and asked if they could call me when the results were in, just so I knew to expect them soon as every day I was scared to open my post box. The secretary was lovely. She told me mine had been marked as urgent, which scared me a lot, and meant it could be back in a week. When they did come in the doctor called me and told me them over the phone. It was 7-10 days I think (it's on my signature, I forget!)

Good luck. This bit really is the worst, you feel physically rotten and have the pain and discomfort as a constant reminder of what is going on so you can't put it out of your mind. I completely fell apart on day 5 and had to speak to the counsellor at work, but it's normal to feel anxious now x

I had two biopsies taken at my colposcopy and I was in a wee bit of pain for a few days after and felt uncomfortable and just generally 'not right' down there for over a week. I was lucky enough to only have a tiny bit of bleeding afterwards but I did feel really crampy... it was a good excuse to curl up in bed and watch a boxset.

i had to wait 5 weeks for the colp. and now possibly another 2.. i feel your pain with the anxiety in waiting! Hpefully they can speed up the process.

-KayM, Wow thanks for sharing that! I have to say that pressure/heavy feeling was the worst part luckily its all gone now! Blood has been very minimal for me but yes! the black gravely looking stuff is making its way out. 

Im glad to hear the worst part is over! I cant imagine being in anymore pain..

She said she would phone me as soon as they came in, so im trying to keep myself busy but you know how the waiting game goes.. I have only opened up to my mom about this so theres a lot of anxiety and questions (she didnt even know what any of this meant prior to finding myself in this situation). I am also expecting my period in about a week so everything is sore and crampy! :( 

*Question: After treatment and removal, do you know how they would check to see if abnormal cells return? Would it by another colposcopy? So far my Gyno has just told me i would have to go for a papsmear every 6 months as oppost to annual. I gues i have to wait for results but im wondering what happens now as i move forward?

 Thanks for sharing your post, Wishing you well! - Julie

Day 1 was very uncomfortable but noy (day 2) im feeling much better! I am the same as you in regards to the minimal bleeding (lucky us!). I wish i could stay home and relax but they would have an absolute fit at work! 

-Hope you are doing well!