Depressed & anxious after colposcopy

Had a colposcopy 2 days ago it was a follow up to my one last year that had low grade biopsy was taken but inconclusive they left it at that & told me to come back in the year for the follow up which I did. I have had 2 colposcopy’s before the one I had the other day was the worst it was uncomfortable the conductor of my colonoscopy was undergoing training I appreciate everyone has to learn but they did an half dig around it felt very prolonged no one told me what was going on other than when they took smear & biopsy’s nobody offered any type of reassurance or explained what they could see on the screen which has left me terrified it’s cancer they also took 3 biopsies compared to the usual 1 :frowning: it also didn’t help when the colposcopiest over seeing the training came into the room looked at the screen & pulled a face as if to say to say that doesn’t look good.

After the colposcopy I took it upon myself to ask the senior colposcopist overseeing the training how did it look she just said that she was not sure but didn’t look like high grade I’m upset & annoyed because I really feel last year they should of done a repeat biopsy when the original one was inconclusive I’m so scared it’s been left too long & now turned into cancer :frowning: to add insult to injury after being told at the start of the appointment that it didn’t matter they didn’t do a follow up biopsy because they saw low grade last year at the end when I asked what could they see she just said oh we can never be sure without the biopsy.

I’m similar. The one doing mine was training, I was told nothing other than trying to understand what they were saying to eachother. The head of department took over. And they struggled with bleeding. I ended up being rushed in to theatre when the bleeding wouldn’t stop. Then the surgeon accidentally burnt a “cut” in my inner labia :sob:

I’m 4 weeks on now and still have no more information than what I was told about my cervical screening results and only just starting to feel like I’m healing. Just praying my results letter comes soon.

I don’t know why some people seem to be given a lot of information in appointments and others are told nothing.

Hope your not waiting long and that it’s not the results you fear