Hi ladies…

Does anyone know if we get free dental care? I’ve been told I should but I don’t think we do…I usually pay as I work full time but as I’m off work atm I’ve not had a full wage and one of my teeth have broke and my filling has come out :-(. Before being diagnosed I had a filling out in and he drilled into my tooth as I had a root canal and he drilled my tooth too thin hence it breaking! And the filling is more like a stone! God knows what he put in my mouth!

I thought I would ask you lot as I’m assuming you’ll know more than someone who claims to know everything :slight_smile:

Also does anyone know how long we have to wait after treatment?

Hello Carmel I envy your health care system if they do pay. Had root canal treatment towards end of 6 months taxal/carboplatin/avastin treatment. It cost me the equivalent of £1300. Obviously someone thought I was getting too comfortable. 

Hi, you get free dental care if you qualify for working tax credit.  I have had ESA as i couldn't go back to work for a year as I couldn't go back to work after cancer.  I still have to pay but have an NHS dentist, so itd not too bad.  I dont qualify as being on a low income as my partner works.  My teeth got really bad when I had the treatment for CC and I just couldn't face having 2 teeth pulled out and 3 fillings so managed to get my nice NHS dentist to refer me to a private clinic and had it all done under sedation for about £50.  Bargain!

Oh brill thank you! I live on my own and I'm single, plus  work full time on a good wage but with me being off its a reduced wage so i cant afford atm but once I'm back at work i can, is it ok for me to inbox you to discuss esa? Sorry if not.

thank you xx

Omg! That is disgusting! How can they justify that kind of money!