Dental Work

Hi guys,

Been a while. Finished my treatment over three months ago but I still haven’t had any results yet. Soon…

However, I have a major dental issue and need it treated. I’m just wondering if there is any help available for NHS payments for dental work for cancer patients as I just can’t pay it. I’ve a medical exemption card which isn’t enough, but I just can’t afford £220 =[. Work won’t take me back until I get the all clear and a full medical report and I just don’t have the money.



Hi Hani,

Sorry can't help with that one.Hope somebody

comes along soon.Macmillan might know.

Take care

Becky x

McMillan can offer grants that you don't pay back I've had 2, the nurses at the hospital put the request in not me but if you contact them they should be able help xx