dense acetowhite changes?

Hi everyone.

I'm a newby and found this site by chance googling information.

My story is as follows: I have long standing history of endometriosis. 2 laparoscopies, artificial menopause, ovarian cyst removal. I've always had issues with abdo pain and periods.

In the recent 7-8 months my periods have been drawn out and had brown slimy discharge. I got the mirena so I haven't thought much of it as thought it's a "side effect"

Had a smear 27 May and letter in the post less than week later that borderline changes were noted but no HPV infection so I shoudl return in 3 years. 

I guess it was a shock. But as my recent "period" has been lasting for 21 days I decided to see a consultant privately as it didn't feel right. During colposocopy on 17 June 2014 she didn't say much but to come back for results and for scan too. Today I received a copy of the letter in my post she has sent to my GP and 

1) it says that I have high risk HPV??? NHS letter said I didn't have it

2) "Colposcopy showed dense acetowhite changes within the cervical canal. There was some contact bleeding, therefore punch biopsies were taken"

I haven't managed to get an appointment with her until 5 weeks (so end of July) as 3 weeks when she wanted to see me - she is not taking private patients. And week later on holiday....

The nurse said biopsy results come in 2 weeks, which is next week. 


So my questions are:

Would they ring me if there was somethign seriously wrong or do I have to wait 5 weeks? I am worried as I have every symptom of CC.. irregular and post coital bleeding, pelvic and back pain (I've just put it all down to endometriosis flare up & Mirena so far)...

Has anyone else have been told they had dense acetowhite changes and what happened to you?


I appreciate every response. Just worried. I don't have kids yet and I'm panicking that I may never be able to have them.