Delaying treatment for CIN3


I am new to this Forum.  I recently had a routine smear (end of April) and had a high grade abnormality result. I subsequently went for a colposcopy on 22nd May and had a biopsy taken.  At the time I advised the hospital that I was off on holiday on 18th June and they advised me that I should not worry about the result until I return.


However I have received the results back earlier than I expected - the letter stated that the biopsy confirmed CIN3 severe changes but no cancer.  Firstly, if the letter states no cancer do you think this is definate or could cancer still be found?  How accurate are the punch biopsies?


I was sent a standard appointment for treatment for this week but have changed this due to my holiday.  This means I have delayed treatment by 3 weeks to allow me to go on my (much needed holiday.  Is this OK? When I phoned up the clinic they said that if the colposcopist had said it was OK then it was but this is not exactley what happened.  Will delaying treatment for CIN3 by 3 weeks have any impact?


Thanks for your help

Meant to say I am 43 and have never had any abnormal results before and also I don't have any symptoms - Thanks

Hi Kay,

Sounds like we're in a similar boat, though mine is CIN2 and I am a year older than you!

I also delayed my LLETZ appointment because I am going on holiday. I will be riding a motorbike across france which didnt really sound compatible with potentially bleeding like a stuck pig for weeks. The clinic did ask me "are you sure you want to delay it" but seemed more concerned that I would spend the whole time worrying about it than it being a health issue. When I assured them that I would be making every effort to forget it for 2 weeks, they were fine with it.

Based on everything I have read, changes to cancer normally take quite some time, so I don't think a few weeks delay would be a huge risk. It is of course possible (but probably a slim possibility) that they might find a microscopic cancer which wasn't caught by the biopsies. I know they analyse the whole chunk that gets removed during LLETZ, which is obviously a bigger sample size than a biopsy, so if it was very tiny/very localised I guess it could show up then. Probably best to try not to worry about that one unless it actually happens though!

Best of luck, and enjoy your hols :-)

I know its hard to get it out of your mind, but you are most certainly better off waiting until after your holiday. 3 weeks will not make a difference, and if you think you'll be worrying about it while on your holiday, believe me you'd still be worrying about it even if you got the LLETZ before your holiday, because then you need to wait for results of that! 

Best off enjoy your holiday as you wouldn't be able to do half the stuff you would without the treatment. Best of luck, and I hope you enjoy yourself :)

Thanks guys really appreciate the feedback. You are right that I would just be worrying about the treatment results anywa! I think I will be able to get it out of my mind and relax for a bit! Enjoy your motorbike ride Moggsy! Sounds amazing! Keep in touch and let me know how you get on, what date is your treatment? Mine is 7th July.



I'm 24th July. Stay in touch and let me know how you get on. I'm hoping the LLETZ is not too scary, suppose it's a necessary evil though.

Hope yours goes well on the 7th and enjoy your hols :-)

x x



Hi Elise

I will do - I am not too worried as I have heard that it is not as bad as you imagine.  I found the biopsy fine and had no problems with that after apart from some cramping that day.  However I do always have issues with smears as my cervix moves a lot apparently!!  So its a bit painful at the beginning when they are trying to find it!!!  I am more worried about bleeding a lot afterwards really, but as you say it has to be done.

Catch up soon


Hi Kay

Interestingly my consultant just called me and asked me if the postponement was because I was very anxious about it, and said that if I preferred, I could have it done under GA.  just put another post up about that one. Not convinced I fancy GA though - I think the idea of being put out is more scary than the local and also having never had a GA I have no idea how I'd react to it.

A lot of people seem to say that the LLETZ really isnt any worse than the colposcopy, so I am sticking with my appointment on the 24th. Also the doctor is super nice, and said that all that means is I have an appointment, doesnt even mean they have to do anything, so we can try and if at any point I get too uncomfortable and anxious she will stop and we can rebook for GA. Can't argue with that really, can you?

I've got to say, the doctor and nurses have been really nice so far.



Oh that's interesting Elise and great they are so supportive.  Also fab at my local hospital too.  As you say I am sure they called you as they were concerned that you had delayed due to anxiety.  I think that having it done under local is probably better as GA takes much longer to recover from?  I have had GA a few times for broken bones and it isn't the nicest thing  as it leaves you feeling quite out of sorts for a week or two. 

I am sure having it done under local will cause some discomfort but it sounds as if it is quick at least and then you will be OK to go straight home.  If you have GA you will have to stay in hospital overnight which might not be good for you if you are anxious about hospitals etc?

I sympathise as whilst I am OK with hospitals I do have quite a bit of health anxiety at the moment as also been referred to gastro consultant with issues around inflammation in my bowel.  Have a big bowel cancer history in my family so that has been freaking me out and then the out of the blue CIN3 result has thrown me a bit.  Mostly I feel OK and rational about it all but some days are not good.  I am trying to think of it all as treatment and prevention BEFORE anything nastier happens.  I have first appointment with gastro consultant on Tuesday next week.

I wish you well and lets keep in touch



Good luck for your appointment. I also try to keep telling myself that if I am freaking about this, imagine how much worse it'd be if it was something really bad. It helps me to put it in perspective and remind myself that gritting my teeth and getting through this now should mean that I don't have to cope with anything scarier later on!

I did wonder about recovery time from GA. My ex had one and I seem to remember he wasnt quite himself for a good few weeks afterwards.

Thanks for the advice, you're a star :-)


Sorry to jump in ladies, I really just wanted to reassure you as heard you saying you was anxious and nervous about the lletz. The worst bit is waiting for results after but I was absolutely petrified of the procedure. Reading about it is so much worse than what it actually is, I was just hoping I could make you all feel slightly better by telling you my experience of the lletz which really wasn't that bad at all! The injection didn't even hurt! Just felt pressure a bit and the doctor done it in 4 stages so he pushed a little harder each time and it didn't hurt at all. The only problem I have had is developing cystitis a week after but  now on antibiotics, other than that I've  had no pain at all. Hope you have lovely holidays! Xx

Hi there

and thanks for jumping in - it's good to hear an honest description of what it's like from someone who has already been there. Sounds like I have made the right choice to stick with the appointment to have it done under local anaesthetic then. I just hope I can stay calm on the day and will looking back once it's all over, wondering what I was so worried about!

many thanks for sharing your experience, it really does help to know what to expect

x x

Thanks for that really appreciate hearing from others who have been through it.  Can I ask what CIN you were Icongram?  Elise - my treatment has been changed by one day and is now on 8th July - when they phoned me today I was really anxious as thought they were going to tell me I had to have it earlier!

Hope you are OK


Hi Kay

I know, first reaction when they phone you is oh my god should I be worrying here? Glad to hear you still have a bit of time to get used to the idea. I'm OK with it at the moment, did have a bit of a wobble yesterday and wonder if I should 'wimp out' and accept the offer of a general, but there are so many people on here saying it's bearable and that the biopsies are worse that I reckon I should at least give it a go with local!

Good luck on the 8th, and please let me know how it went. I'll be keeping fingers crossed for you


Hi Elise

I really think you will be fine.  I am in a couple of weeks before you so I promise I will give you an honest review of how it went!  But everyone is different I think.

When are you off on holiday?  I am going on Thursday this week so just can't wait to get away now for a bit and enjoy it.

Take care


Hi Kay

That's my gut feeling too - I didn't find the biopsies terrible and a lot of people say that they are worse than the LLETZ, so I should be able to hack it, right? That's my argument to myself anyway :-)

I am off from the 3rd to 19th July, so will be away when you're in for treatment, but I will have internet so will be keen to see what you think.

Hope you have a fantastic holiday and also that the treatment goes well and easily for you

x x


Hi Elise

I hope you are having a great holiday!

As promised herer is an update on Lletz I had this morning under local - firstly it really wasn't bad at all so try not worry.  My biggest issue is that I just cannot relax and so getting speculum in and the cervix all ready is the most difficult part for me!  Once thats done then I really didn't feel much.  I did feel the first injection, like a bee sting but lasted a second, I didn't feel the treatment at all just a slight sensation of heat.  And it didn't smell or anything.

Nurses etc were sweet as usual and made me stay for half an hour afterwards with a cuppa but I honestly felt fine.  I am now back home and a couple of hours on there is no bleeding as yet.  I am aware from this Forum that bleeding can start several days afterwards though so will wait and see! 

Now comes the anxious wait for the results - they advised that my CIN3 area was quite small and they are very hopeful that I will just need a return check in 6 months - I hope this turns out to be the case.

Take care