Delaying Treatment by few weeks after CIN3 colposcopy results

Hello all

I had a smear mid-May came back borderline, followed by a colposcopy at the beginning of July, got the results back today CIN3 and an appointment for treatment at the end of next week. But I have an important job interview later that day and due to go on holiday abroad (long haule) that weekend. I'm therefore in the position of really needing to delay the appointment but I am worried about doing so for 2/3 weeks in case of 'what ifs' and all the worry. But likewise I'm not sure having that treatment then is appropriate either.


Any advice ladies?



I would recommend asking your treating doctor what they feel, they are in the best position to advise.

I am in a similar position though. Suspected CIN3/CGIN and awaiting biopsy results but likely to be booked in for LLETZ under GA in the next week-10 days and I have a professional exam in 2 weeks' time.

I may delay the treatment to sit my exam!

Let us know what they say I will be interested to hear.


I would ask if delaying is a viable option, so long as you think it won't cause you too much anxiety. I had my LLETZ 19 days ago and am still spotting, last week (2 weeks after the LLETZ) I was bleeding pretty heavily (i.e. needing to change at least every hour) ... apparently it's all completely normal/expected (though not everyone bleeds aferwards)

Hi there. I had a smear in June and results showed CIN3 but as there were no visible concerns they referred my case to a MDT some 6 weeks later. The meeting confirmed CIN 3 but as I was due to go on holiday they have arranged my treatment for the beginning of sept so in fact nearly 3 months after it was discovered. 

septi think it might be worth phoning and asking. Obviously I'm not a major concern as they have left it nearly 3 months. Xx