Delayed treatment due to admin error

I had a colposcopy & biopsy taken on 20th Dec. The nurse said it looked like grade cin2 & as I also had a remaining HPV positive from previous year that they would want to treat with LLETZ. She said I should hear within 4 weeks but maybe longer with Xmas time.

By the end of Feb I still hadn’t heard anything and was thinking ‘no news is good news’.
However prior to colposcopy I had been having pain & bleeding outside normal period times so I was already feeling like something was wrong. This cervix pain & cramps has been ongoing so I thought I should chase my results up. Also just to get the results & know where I stand.
I’ve been phoning up clinic to chase every week. No one has got back to me. I just keep leaving a voicemail.

Today the nurse phoned me back, very apologetic. My results are CIN3 & they want to do LLETZ ASAP. She asked me to come in on Tuesday but I’m so anxious (& I also have a chronic pain condition so I’m hyper sensitive to pain) so I’ve requested it be done under GA. So she’s gone away to sort that out & will phone me tomorrow with a date.

I’m so emotional & frustrated. I asked what had happened & she said it looks like a clerical error. I’m so glad that I kept chasing it or I could have slipped through the net.
I’m scared about the recovery & getting adequate pain relief (I’ll need a higher level because standard stuff just doesn’t work for me anymore).
Im scared that the CIN3 will have progressed even further in the time I’ve been kept waiting.
I can’t stop crying.
Just needed somewhere to vent. X

I can understand you’re very anxious Nicie, especially when you have so much trouble with pain. I hope the effects of your biopsy in December have well and truly worn off. It is possible that a lot of the feelings you’re getting at the moment are related to anxiety. You will need to ensure they do the LLETZ under GA, no matter whether they think it’s ‘pain free’ because you are a special case, and give you good pain relief afterwards.

These things happen (clerical errors) and it’s most unlikely for anything to have progressed in a couple of months, so do try to calm yourself down - it’s not going to help you to deal with the next stage of your treatment. Hopefully the date will be soon and they will phone up tomorrow with the date. If they don’t, call them on Monday - sounds like they are very busy. It will get done; the important thing is for you to stay calm and make sure you get the help you need to deal with the surgery. X

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Thanks for replying. I think yesterday was that initial shock/ panic of getting the results at a higher level than I had anticipated. But it was always going to be LLETZ regardless of cin1 2 or 3.

It’s crap, but it is what it is. It could be worse.

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Any news yet, Nicie, on when your surgery appointment will be? Are you feeling a little stronger?

Thanks for thinking of me.
I’ve got a date- 31 March!
I’ve been having on going issues with pelvic pain & unusual bleeding for a while now & I had an ultrasound last week. This has shown thickening of my womb lining & some “areas of concern” as well so I’ll be having & camera & womb biopsies whilst there.
I’ve been having a pretty rubbish few months health wise (covid, chest infection, anaphylaxis with unknown cause). All this has made me high risk for complications for a General Anaesthesia so we have agreed a spinal block with sedation.

I’m just thankful to have a date & a plan. X

Dear Nicie,

So glad you’ve got a date, and it’s not too long to wait now. Sorry to hear about all the other health issues - I had Covid as well, which was really annoying as it hit my stomach again but I’m trying some herbal type ‘IBS’ medicine from Dr Gut, which (:crossed_fingers:fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:) is already helping a bit in that there is a lot less gas, soreness and the other… :roll_eyes:. So good you’re going to get the womb biopsy and they’re going to do everything possible to sort things out for you. X

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I’m sorry to hear you’re having to go through this, I’m in a very similar situation. Had my colposcopy and biopsy December 29th 2021 and was told 8-10 weeks for results. Started chasing after 8 weeks and it took until 9 weeks for them to say we’ve had the results for a few weeks waiting to be analysed. I have CIN3 and was told I need urgent treatment, but since it’s been referred to the team to arrange that I’ve been waiting another three weeks due to ‘staff shortages’. Getting really concerned because the longer this goes on, the more I’m thinking in my head what if it progresses in that time and gets worse?

Oh I totally get that feeling. The waiting is so hard. I’d say don’t be afraid to chase it up. I was phoning & leaving a message weekly. It took 3 weeks for them to call me back. They were very apologetic & are investigating how it was lost. I’ve definitely lost my trust in the process!
I’ve actually gone private now (thankfully have insurance via my husband’s job).
My understanding is that it usually takes years to develop so try not to worry too much about the timing. Although I know that is easier said than done & you just want to get it over with. X

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