Delayed results to be confirmed

Hi, someone please help me.

I had my first ever smear test 6 months before my 25th birthday, this was in December. Week later had my results saying they found endorcervical abnormal cells. Week after that on 29th December has colposcopy and treatment to remove cells. Now 4 long weeks on I had my letter saying I need to wait another 6 weeks as my Dr is confirming the results? What does this mean? It doesn’t sound positive to me and I’m sick with worrying. I can’t sleep or eat. Please someone any advice would be gratefully received.

Hi Ella I'm sorry I don't know what this means but I do think it's unacceptable leaving you waiting so long for results when you're so worried. I would contact them and demand some sort of explanation. I know how you feel with the not being able to eat or sleep but try and eat little if you can. Hopefully it's nothing too worrying if they're leaving you so long but they definitely need to keep you informed of what they're doing and thinking. Good luck to you x

Hi Ella

I voice what Libby said. I would contact them and ask them to explain to you what is going on. It is not fair to make you wait this long and to cause more upset and worry. From reading past stories they do tend to have you straight back if they think they have found anything seriously wrong. Give them a call and hopefully they can put your mind at rest :) xx

Thank you for your reply! I'm sorry im so delayed in responding I've had some difficult things to work through. Would you believe I only got my letter of results last week!!! And now I'm 25! It was graded cin 3 so feel worried about future smears but all looks ok for now. Thank you so much for your reply and kind words! It's such a horrible thing to go through! X