Delayed Recovery

Hi Ladies

It's been a while since I posted as I unfortunately had a bit of a set back and wanted to recover a bit first.

I had my Radical Hysterectomy (vertical abdominal incision) on 8th October.  All went well and I was discharged 5 days later.

3 days later I developed a high temperature and was admitted to hospital where they started treatment for sepsis.  I had a CT scan which showed a 'collection' on the left hand side for which I had an image guidance drainage put in for.  My temperature continued to peak and another CT scan was done which showed an ongoing collection and possibly a lymphocyst in the right pelvic area.  Unfortunately I then had to have another op, re-opening up the existing wound in order to clear this all out.  After this they increased my antibiotics and the infection slowly subsided.   

I have now been out of hospital just over 2 weeks.  The first few days were very difficult but I'm slowly getting better.  Had a bit of a set back last week when I suffered a bout of diarrhoea.  Phoned my GP to see if I could take Imodium, which I could, and they requested a sample.  The GP phoned back on Thursday to say that c-diff had been identified which really shook me.  She said that they try to avoid treating it unless the diarrhoea was still continuing as the 10 day course of antibiotics would really knock me about and make me feel sick.  Great!  Luckily I hadn't got diarrhoea at that time but haven't got back to the 'normal' stage yet which I plan to talk to my GP about tomorrow.

My appetite isn't great although some foods appeal a lot more than others!  I have lost quite a bit of weight, not helped by my 2nd stay in hospital for 20 nights - the food was testing to say the least!  Thankfully I was a bit porky before so I had got plenty spare!

I'm now hoping and praying that the c-diff clears up and I progress with my recovery.  I have my first check up with the consultant on Friday 13th December which initially gave me the eebie jeebies but then I figured if anything was wrong then it would be wrong on another day too.

The very good news bit is that all the lymph nodes were negative and I do not need any further treatment.

Hoping you all are recovering well and feeling positive.

Love & hugs





Oh my all of that sound terrible, poor you. 

wishing you the best with your recovery.


Hi Cheryl,

Hope your feeling abit brighter now.

I believe hard times are sent to test us. Sounds like you've well & truly been tested! 

Feet up & take care of yourself



Hi Cheryl

Sorry you went through all this after your surgery, hope you get to recover without anymore hitches! Could I ask what C-diff is?

Oh Cheryl, let’s hope that’s the end of all the infections now! Really hope you start to feel better soon!

Sending hugs, Jade xx

Thank you so much for all your kind wishes.

Unfortunately I have had another setback in that the diarrhoea returned last night and I had a very bad night and morning.  Phoned my GP who has put me on a 7 day course of strong antibiotics to try and kill the c-diff bug off, though apparently 1 in 4 go on to have a relapse!

Very down today and have had quite a few tears, just want to be able to start feeling I'm moving forward with this.

Fingers crossed this sorts it out.

Cheryl, xx


C-diff is a bug from your stomach that happens when the good bacteria cannot kill off the bad bacteria.  It can be caught in hospital but mine is from the amount t of antibiotics that I've been on.  Unfortunately they destroy the good bacteria which leaves you at risk.

Cheryl, xx

Oh Cheryl I got so sad for you reading this, hope it gets sorted & you can have 1 less thing to worry about, & focus on recovering!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx