Delayed colposcopy

Morning all !

Quick run down

Feb I had a smear and results came back as hpv and high grade cells changes…. This monday (5/7/21) I had colposcopy ! Ridiculous right !

Anyway there was something on my cervix growing up into me… was taken out and sent for biopsy

Now bricking it !

Update …. Fri 9/7/21 just had a message to say my gynaecology appointment I had for end of august has been changed to Tuesday 13th July…. Does this have anything to do with the biopsy do you think.? My head going into over drive xx

It may be that they want to see you sooner because of the biopsy, but it may also be that they have had cancellations so are moving some appointments forward (lots of movement of appointments at the moment if people have covid and can’t attend!) so try not to worry too much, though I know that is easier said than done.

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