Delayed check ups

Hi I was due to have my post trachelectomy (2015) check up (smear and examination) in April but it got delayed due to covid 19.

the hospital I go to said they wouldn't be seeing me as it was too risky and said even though I needed a smear as my last one was slightly abnormal, that there was no point going as the labs would probably all be testing for covid 19 rather than smear swabs anyway.

i have noticed some people have been referring to colposcopies going ahead in recent days - has anyone had a check up delayed and actually been given a date for it to go ahead again? 

thanks :) 

Hello yes mine was on then cancelled and then on again! It may well depend on what's going on in each individual hospital. It might be worth phoning yours to see if they can let you know.

Hope you find out soon!


I was due my 9 months checkup end of May/beginning of July and haven't heard anything about an appointment yet.  I am very anxious particularly as I never got a vault smear at my 6 month check up, was told that they would do it at my next check up as it was still early days.  As much as I dread the appointments I do like the cautious approach of frequent checks.  Has anyone had their appointments yet?

I had my check up on 2nd June but I think it varies from one region or hospital to another 

Hope it goes well for you


I was due a 6 monthly check up in May this year which did go ahead albeit it was a phone appointment so I missed out on my usual internal exam.  At my appointment Nov 19 the consultant suggested I should have an MRI (h/o bowel and vaginal bleeding) in May this year; I did get this MRI but only because I chased up about it.  It has been suggested that my next follow up appointment will be brought forward by 2 months - I'm assuming to sort of make up for missing out on an appointment in person.  It's worth giving the clinical nurse specialists a call to get an update.


I agree with Jazza. Call your clinical nurse specialist so that you can find out what is going on. 

Hope you find out soon