Delayed bleeding after lletz

Hopefully someone can put my mind at ease. Had a lletz procedure on the 17th of this month and didn't bleed after. Had my period a couple days after and have just had very watery discharge grossness since. Anyway I just sat on the loo to go for a wee and started bleeding lots. It was very red and was coming out like a wee would ( obviously out of my vagina though ) . Is this normal??

I’m 13 days after lletz .  I’ve had no real bleeding to speak of , just watery sometimes pink discharge but no more than a panty liner needed.

if that sort of bleeding continues for any length of time I’d ring the clinic 

I have had similar after my first lletz, No bleeding initially then 10 days after started to bleed a lot with some clots, continued to bleed for 2 weeks after this. The bleeding although heavy for the first 6 hours settled and was more like a period. 

I had a second lletz on 13th and I’ve bleed like a period since. 

I think everyone is different. If you’re soaking pads (thick maternity pads in 30mins),clots or offensive smell I’d get checked out. Xxx