deformed cervix after LLETZ

Hi, today is my 9th day after havin a colopscopy with lletz treatment to remove abmornal cells, after my smear it can back as severe dyskaryosis, my first smear.. 

I no ur not supposed to but early on 2day whilst in the shower I wanted to feel my cervix, n oh my I'm deformed.. it feels horrible.. also I had lots of brown crusty, it feels like grit on my cervix, is this normal? will my cervix go back 2 how it was before, it was smooth n donut like n now it feel horrible. :( 

Waiting for results on my biopsy :( 

Hi Twi,

I’m sorry, but I’m afraid your cervix doesn’t grow back after LLETZ, so it will always be different to how it was before. With mine, they cauterised the area after the tissue was removed which I guess would have felt crusty if I have felt it and there was a certain amount of bleeding and so on. That all came away as the area healed, so expect some discharge but after that, things should be much smoother.

I know it’s distressing to know your body will never be quite the same, but when I was going through this stage of my treatment, I was very reassured by other women who (like most patients) had only needed to have LLETZ who assured me that neither they nor their partners detected any difference physically once everything was healed up. As someone said at the time, before all this, the shape of our cervix was the last thing on our mind during ‘sexy times’ and we need to try to keep things that way.

Good luck with waiting for your results, I know that all sorts of stuff goes through your head at a time like this, but you can get through it. We’re all here to support each other. xxx

p.s. Do be careful about feeling about in there before it’s fully healed - you really don’t want to get an infection.