Declaring lletz on insurance - advice if possible?

hi, I’m just wondering if anyone can answer a question for me? I had lletz 2 weeks ago for ‘suspected’ cgin (Haven’t had my results yet but dr didn’t see anything of major concern). We've got a family summer holiday booked so need to arrange some travel insurance and I’m not sure if these abnormal cells/changes would count as something I need to declare under the pre-existing conditions - does anyone know?

My instinct says no as it’s not (currently at least) an ongoing condition and I wouldn’t think counts as an illness, but I’d rather be sure and declare it than risk invalidating insurance. However declaring it un-necessarily means a big price hike! 



Hi there,

I have just had the same treatment and I found that searching on allows you to search for pre-existing medical conditions where you can add CIN or dyskaryosis. I chose CIN as this also covered dyskaryosis. 

It wasn't too much more expensive than searching without declaring this and the policy documents I received had an additional policy document to say I would be covered including this condition. Hope this helps!

I added it to mine last year, as was awaiting  of 2nd loop for cgin.

it was a extra £10 for the year.