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i have to make a decision! This is is my story: 18.5.15 told I have cervical cancer offered LLETZ or hysterectomy. Decided on hysterectomy. This was booked and then the hospital decided I needed more tests before surgery. So MRI and LLETZ booked for 2.6.15. 

MRI showed 4cm superficial growth in cervix but also just into uterus. My consultant said a LLETZ was not an option and I would need hysterectomy. After this was discussed at the weekly meeting on 4.6.15 it was decided that I needed a LLETZ but more for biopsy purposes to decide what type of hysterectomy I would need. 

I heard on Friday that all the cancer had been removed during the LLETZ and margins were clear but I can still have hysterectomy if I want. 

I am hopefully going to see my consultant on Monday (tomorrow) to discuss what follow up checks will be done if I don't have hysterectomy. I am very confused as what to do for the best! I have said all along that I wanted hysterectomy but now dont know if this is best. Aaggghhh. 

Any advise gratefully received.

Hey Hun,

I was in the same situation, had my hysterectomy on Monday.

Any questions just ask.

Good luck,

Clare xxx

Hi hun

How are you getting on after operation i have my RH on tuesday any advise.



Hey Clare. It was decided for me in the end on the Monday after I posted I haemorrhaged and was rushed into hospital, had hysterectomy on the Thursday 18th June.

Hi Christine

just rest and sleep and take your meds! I am 10 days on now and can get about slowly but get tired quickly. Hope it all goes well for you.


Hi Kate,

That's a bit dramatic! Hope you are OK. It is massive surgery and you are bound to be very tired for quite a while so don't push yourself and let others do the running around for you.

Be lucky :-)

Hi  kate

i am 8 days post op and j am doing ok no pain but just sore, hope your doing ok x