Deciphering hospital letter? Help please

So I have found my letter from the hospital. I'm a bit worried that I havw VIN/VAIN now from reading about it. Or is this normal letter formation? 


Colposcopy opinion of cervix - HPV/inflam/benign. 


Colposcopy opinion of vagina - HPV/inflam/benign. 


Does this mean I have VIN/VAIN as well as CIN or is it normal to have hpv on the vagina as well as the cervix? 


So confused. :-( 

Hello sweetheart,

To the best of my understanding it means nothing of the sort, it means you have been a lucky girl and got off lightly. 

I am NOT a doctor so please do get this verified by a proper medical profssional but I understand it to mean that HPV is present, but apart from that only benign inflammation. Benign, by the way, means kind. It's the opposite of malignant which means evil.

Go well


Yes, I'm with Tivoli, that's how I would read that too. HPV but benign inflammation ie not the bad sort! But do,phone them and check.

Molly xxx