Deciding what to do

All my pap smears had been normal. The last one was Nov. 2017. I had recurring pregnancy losses (3). The last one was Nov 30, 2017 and it had to be a d&c. After that I started having bleeding during intercourse. Not everytime but enough to make me want to see a doctor. I thought it was due to the d&c...  3/28/2018 minor biopsy, 4/4 results came back "precancerous" adenocarcinoma. 4/12 cone biopsy. 4/20 adenocarcinoma stage 1b1 confirmed. I am very grateful to God that it is stage one and something can be done. My options are radical trachelectomy (if I'm a candidate for it) or radical hysterectomy... I am so torn in what to do... I'v beem praying so much... Can someone share their process on deciding? I'm 30 I've been married for 11 years and we want children. 


Thank You in advance 


Hi ML 

Im so sorry you have been through such a rough time but so glad they have found it now at an early stage. I had a trachelectomy and went onto conceive and have just got to 5 years cancer free so i can vouch that the trachelectomy route does work.

each situation is different though. I told my doctors to take what they needed to and I went for a hysterectomy but in the operating theatre they decided just a trachelectomy. 

I wish you all the very best. It a truly difficult time for you and your partner.