Deciding to have hysterectomy after Cone Biopsy

Greetings from NYC-


I was hoping to get some advice. I was diagnosed with CC in April 17 2 months after my 30th birthday. I am a newlywed so preserving my fertility was a big deal. Originally they gave me the option for a radical trachelectomy or a cone biopsy. I wrapped my brain around the radical due to my fear of reoccuarance but the team of doctors voted that I would be an ideal canidit for the cone. So about a month ago I underwent a cone biosy and lymph node removal. My results came back with clear margins, and clear lymph nodes. BUT they now realize that my tumor was over 2 cm, and they are now concerned that if it grew to that size in 3 to 4 years, if there are any cells left over, they will come back aggressivly. SO now they are recommending removing my uterus. My doctor is not pushing me either way and is saying it is completely my decision. I asked if I could try to have a baby right away and then have the hysterectomy. But hearing that I have a 1 and 4 chance of it coming back scares me. I wanted to see if any of you brave women have had to make this tough choice.  

Hi tcc I have just found out I have cin iii, how did everything go for you,? I go in soon for my cone biopsy 

I think all you can do is ask them if you have time to try for a baby now and then have the op? Would they not give you a trachelectomy now instead?

Hi Tccarte1, I'm so sorry to hear about your decision dilema. I am faced with a similar decision but have been left terribly confused after being given my results of my Cone Biopsy over the phone by a nurse of Friday. I have just logged on here to seek some advice. I live in Australia.

I had a Cone Biopsy last Tuesday for Grade 1a1. My previous history is noted in my signature.The nurse called and read out my pathodology results below which note no residual malignancy in Cone Biopsy and CIN 1 and HPV completely excised. Then I was shocked to hear the recommendation for a hysterectomy recommended!

She said results were good but the hysterectomy was recommended by the Tumor Board at the hospital. She wasn't able to answer some of my other questions and left me with little confidence in her ability to inform me of the results. The extract below is from the letter which was dictated by the Gynacologist Oncologist Dr who has been treating me. I am so terribly confused as he had said before the Cone that it was very early stages (1a1) and there would be options to allow me to have children. (I am 32)

Can anyone provide advice on these results. Does it mean a hysterectomy is recommdned laternin my life?


Indication for procedure:


LLETZ 1A1 cervical CA


30/05/17 EUA, Cone Biopsy, Cystoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, Staging.

Final Pathology:

no residual malignancy in cone biopsy, but residual dysplasia.

A. Cone biopsy cervix: FOCAL CIN 1 and HPV, completely excised.

No residual malignancy.

B. Curettings: Late secretory endometrium.





Hysterectomy recommended.