Dealing with Impending hysterectomy (Children mentioned)

Hi everyone! 


I have been using this website as  source of info since my diagnosis in September. One abnormal smear after birth of my son five years ago resulted in yearly smears.... four very normal and then the last first of all came back with severe dyskanosis - followed up by cold coagulation at hospital and biopsy.... two weeks Later had diagnosis... I have had the MRI scan which showed no residual disease however the consensus was I was to have a hysterectomy 


today I have Been to the pre-op which has made me ever so confused.. I though that nothing had been found so was shocked when i was still going ahead wit hysterectomy.. today I met my surgeon, she went through  everything but I was supposed to get a radical hysterectomy Where as she thinks I only need lletz and then straight forward hysterectomy due to being 28....


im really worried about a radical hysterectom.... I’ve got my head mentally prepared for this to happen but I don’t want to mentally be tormented over it!!! Has this ever happened to anyone?



Also i have two very beautiful children, even if I had the choice I never wanted more but I can not control how broody I am at the moment..... is anyone else the same? Xx 



vikki xx


I had a hysterectomy 4 weeks ago. It was a lot to get my head round but I was very sure that I had completed my family (2 kids). If there are conflicting views on treatment, I would get a 2nd/3rd opinion. 

How are you? Was it radical hysterectomy? I feel really at ease with my surgeon so I’ll wait on the lletz result to discover which hysterectomy I will get! Booked in on 28th reglardless which one I have... the weird thing is I don’t know which stage that i me at or the type of cancer I have... very confusing! 

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So you are having the LLETZ? That's Good, maybe you won't need a hysterectomy at all. It's strange they haven't told you the stage! I had a TAH so cervix, uterus and tubes. No ovaries because I'm 40 (which apparently is young!) And no lymph nodes because it wasn't invasive. I've had a hard time with the surgery as I went back into surgery 2 hours after the hysterectomy and was opened up again because of haemorrhaging. During the 2nd surgery they perforated my bladder and stitched my ureter together. This is not common! I was just unlucky!

That’s a shame! Sounds like you have been through it! I have just had the LLetz today! Good news is she didn’t see anything today but I’m in on the 28th november. Fingers crossed its just a   Straight forward hysterectomy. How has your recovery been? i Asked today at what stage my cancer was at and they don’t know so they literally put my biopsy in a taxi to the lab! 

I had LLETZ which showed up cancer but with only small clear  margins. I was offered a cone biopsy or radical hysterectomy.

I'm not sure I have completed my family yet so had the cone biopsy. My understanding is that a radical hysterectomy can in some cases cause long term issues with sex and you may need a dilator etc (I may be wrong so if anyone knows better feel free to correct me). It certainly isnt as simple as a normal hysterectomy. I was strongly advised by my consultant to have a radical hysterectomy in the future once family complete as playing with fire not to, yet I know other people on this forum have never had a hysterectomy even mentioned, and were offered only a cone biopsy. 

There are defo other options so if you aren't yet sure I would speak to consultant and maybe delay surgery. You could have a cone and still go on to have a hysterectomy in the future when time is right so please don't feel pushed into it.

Good luck x

Thank you so much for your reply. I have finished my family, I wouldn’t ever want to go Through this again so the hysterectomy isn’t the worst idea. I have been referred to another hospital because the one I had the diagnosis done doesn’t have a gynaecology surgery And thankfully my surgeon wanted to do her own investigation. i had LLETZ today which was pretty painful if I’m honest but all I kept thinking was hooefully this means I only need a straight forward hysterectomY. I should hopefully have the results on Wednesday.  how often do you need check ups now?

Hi Pinacolada,

Sorry for such delayed rely, haven't been on here for a little while. I have to have 6 monthly smears/Colposcopy and if the next 2 are clear I will be put to yearly smears for next 10 years.


How have things been for you? Hope the LLETZ resolved everything.

Hi sunshine, 


thank you for your reply. Fingers crossed your next two is clear! I hope they are! I had my hysterectomy nearly three weeks ago! Every day getting stronger. For a major surgery I feel good and the recovery has been good for me minus an infection but after some anti biotics I’m back to normal. 

Hi. I have to have a vault smear at 6 months post op, then yearly for 5 years. I'm glad you feeling good.

I think I’m in the same predicament. I was told pre-cancerous cells after colposcopy. Then was told I needed cone biopsy. Now, I’m looking at a hysterectomy because there was my cervix condition didn’t allow for a clean biopsy. I feel I ask the right questions, but I’m always left confused and not clear after the appointment.