Dealing with Diagnosis and Confusion

Hi, ladies. 

On the 14th Nov 2017 I was told I have cancer in my cervix. I had an MRI a week later and was told that it hadn't spread. I will be going for an LLETZ on Tuesday 5th December under general anaesthetic. I'm petrified. 

Has anyone else had this exact same course of treatment?


AGE 23!

Sept 2017 - inflamed cervix, swabs taken with negative results, referred to gynaecologist 

Oct 2017 - biopsy taken 

Nov 2017 - stage 1 cervical cancer confirmed 



I would have had this except that I had the LLETZ at the same time as the colposcopy. So I went in for the colposcopy and the nurse was chatting to me - I was uber laid back and thinking nothing of it - abnormal cells are really common right?!!!! Anyway becasue I was quite calm, the nurse offered to do the LLETZ at the same time. She said, your smear has obviously demonstrated abnormal cells (CIN 2) and once the biopsy is done we'll probably call you back in for a LLETZ anyway - but this way we'll have done the treatment alreayd and you wont need to see us again and just go for your smear in 6 months. As it turned out, I didnt get the all clear, I had Stage 1A1 CC but they had already done the treatment (they wanted to do another one, but I had just found out I was pregnant). So had I not got the LLETZ done at the same time - it would have been exactly the same as you.

I'm guessing you have stage 1a1 - So a) don't worry, I was awake for my LLETZ and it was far more comfortable than a normal smear because they numb it, it didnt take long and I was chatting the whole way thorugh. They will have decided to put you under because they will just want to be sure and get all the cancerous cells and not have to worry about you being awake and give them a bit more time and you less angst. Some people would choose to go under anyway because they would panic otherwise. SO after the LLETZ - there's about 4 weeks of wierd stuff - no swimming, tampons or sex etc. But also I did have some wierd things coming out during the healing process, so there was various colours of blood from bright red to brown, as well as discharge and the occasional funky smell This was a pain in the arse, I hate pads but it wasnt any worse than 4 weeks of period. 

I'm fairly confident that I'm cancer free and just urge you not to worry about the LLETZ. Its unpleasant afterwards but not terrible, make sure you take someone with you because you may be groggy after the anaesthetic. I was fine after mine and drove home.

If there's any next steps after that - then you can face them as and when - but that quite possible be it all done and dusted.

Hope that helps.


so sorry to read this Nina. How awful for you and at such a young age. Not had anything confirmed but awaiting biopsy results. I’m only 24 too so young like you not even old enough for a smear. Got referred for irregular bleeding and bleeding after intercourse. just want you to know someone’s here reading. please let us know how the procedure goes. Have you ever been under GA before? You shouldn’t worry you’ll be perfectly fine. Sending hugs x

I just did mine yesterday ,i checked in for a colposcopy but my Dr orderd LLETZ . He told me to wait for the results for two weeks. It was a little painful but was fine right away. 

I hope you did yours by now and you had good results



Thanks for the informative content.