Day After LLETZ

I'm going to be having LLETZ done at the start of next month, and with reading this site, I have noticed a few people saying that they were told to rest for 24 hours after.  Is this compulsory?  I am at work very early the morning after, and I am concerned as to whether I might have heavy bleeding or be in a lot of pain etc?  Just need a little advice really.  Also, it says online that you aren't to do any 'heavy' exercise for 4 weeks I think...what is classed as 'heavy' exercise?!  I go dancing and to the gym, so can I go if I take it really easy?  Or does it just depend on the person?  Obviously health comes first, was just a little confused about it though.  I know I can ask these things when I get to the hospital, but it's been going round in my mind and I'd really like to have some idea beforehand.  Thanks in advance to any replies, been finding this forum extremely helpful.

hi, i think it really does depend on the person. i think you will be ok to go to work the next day just make sure u have painkiller on hand incase. i actually didnt bleed after mine. i had a little bleed 3days later when i was doing too much and my 2year old was jumping up on me. i think light exercise is ok but very light. no heavy lifting. just take things as you go u know your own body. hope all goes ok.


I think, like Stephanielouise has said, it depends on the person. I was told to rest for 48 hours but I had Lletz under general and they told me after that the op had been a bit more invasive than planned.

Hope it goes ok for you x

I went to work the next day after mine but the following day I was sent home as I was feeling alot of discomfort. I think I over done it the day before. If you go into work just try to take it easy, no heavy lifting and not to much bending. 

Thanks guys, I shall try and take it as easy as possible!