day 8 post large loop excision

Hi i had my treetment 8 days ago  i had the normal side effects mild craps ect but no bleeding, i thought things were going wel,l a few days days ago i started getting hip and back pain . it has got worse over the last two days,  this morning i woke up to bleeding back and hip pain and my legs ache like hell theres no bad smell or antyhing so dont think its a Infection. iv also a stining sensation down that area. iv not had any of the black bit ect iv heard about , i dont have periods anymore past all that lol so i know its not that is it normal thanks linda

Hi Linda. Everyone reacts so different to this treatment it seems. I thought I would comfort you in the fact I had similar symptoms after 7 days. I woke up in the night with pain in my neck, my back and my hips, and a fever. I did have the black "ash" coming out which stopped after a couple of weeks with little bleeding. I then got heavy bleeding but this was my period. When my pain got bad after a week though I rang my colposcopy dept who advised me to get an emergency appointment with my GP (no point taking chances). I was then put on antibiotics which made the pain go away. I think if you are suffering then it is worth calling either your colspocopy dept. or your GP just to get reassurance. I hope the pain goes sooner than later for you xxx

Hi thanks for the reply, its so  annoying you think things are going well then bam, i will leave it a few days and see what happens iv took pain killers nd that seems to have helped ist a great comfort knowing you had the same symtoms guess its just a wteing game to see what happens really thanks again  linda x iv also got a uncomfortable  bloated stomach to did you have that as well

Hiya, I had the same feeling you're describing and it turned out I did have an infection.  If it carries on I would pop to the doctors to be sure, hope you're ok xx

hi ok thanks i will keep eye on it . if it turns out to be infection they wont poke round down there will they cant handle that yet stii tender down there xx

Hi I think you are best off going to your GP. I had similar symptoms and went and they just gave me antibiotics without looking or touching or anything like that. My sore back went after 2 days and my bleeding got much lighter by about day 4. Hope this helps.

thanks will go monday if no better x

They didn't just prescribed the antibiotics but said would need swabs if they didn't work xx