day 7 and bleeding

After barely any discharge I'm now day 7 and bleeding - should I go to GP or is this supposed to happen? X



I think unless you are bleeding really heavily or have a horrible discharge you should be ok

I've hardly bled after either of mine but suddely started about 10 days later

I think we are all a bit different! 


Hi furby22

Im also just over a week post Lletz. I think bleeding is normal for the first 4 weeks, as long as its not soaking pads constantly and doesnt have a funky smell you should be ok. If in doubt always trust yr instinct an go to your GP to be sure. 

Hope you feel better x

Hi Furby,


I am two weeks post LLETZ and have been bleeding since the procedure. Remember you periods can be irregular too for a couple of months. I freaked when I saw heavy, fresh blood but for me I was only a day late. If in doubt, ring the clinic where you had your procedure done. Sometimes a quick call can put your mind at ease.

I hope you feel better soon x

Thanks everyone - not had periods for years with the depo injections so probably just a bit of a shock to see it today! It aeems to have stopped again now but having awful cramps. I think I was surprised to not bleed last week tbh! Ahh well I wasn't to get away with it ;-) xx All the best to all of you xx Waiting for my results now x

Good luck with your results!

Another thought, I was warned I could get a bleed around day 10 when the scab (gross) comes away from the area treated. Obviously we all heal at different rates so maybe that could be the cause. I never noticed a scab myself but I have read posts from other people.

Glad to hear it has settled down again and I hope the cramps die down too. I am fed up of cramps and gunk seems never ending Frown

Results day for me today. I was made an appointment within days of my treatment and I am feeling rather apprehensive (polite for shit scared)

Take care x

Hope ypu had some good news.  Still bleeding lightly every day and patiently awaiting my letter !

I had good news thankfully. CIN II and I am now being left alone until a colposcopy in May. I am sure all the old feelings of fear and panic will resurface, but for now I can enjoy Christmas without that stress.

I am still having light bleeding and it will be 3 weeks on Mon since my procedure. I keep thinking it is going to stop and then off it goes again. I am still getting a few aches and pains too but hopefully that will all stop soon.

I do hope you get your results soon. I think I was really lucky compared to most people with how quick everything was done. The only person to hold anything up was me!

All the best furby x

Hi furby, I am also on the depo so don't usually have periods. However, as you kindly helped me I hoped I could put your mind at rest....I am on day 11 and still bleeding. I did have an infection but after 2 days  of tablets it cleared. I have been bleeding ever since and have mild stomach (period type) pains.

 I am also eagerly awaiting the call/letter and te wait is awful but after reading so many positive stories on here it gives us great hope and we'll be ok :) 


Thank you both xx still light bleeding but can cope with it (better than I'm coping with the wait for results)! Feeling mega down today but think I'm just tired - end of a busy week! Will be 2 weeks Monday and they said my results should be with me in 2-3 weeks, likely 2 he said so hopefully next few days. Will keep you posted x

Hello everyone - I'm new and reassured to see this thread. I had LLETZ treatment three years ago with hardly any after effects at all, but after another biopsy on 6th November I'm still bleeding. I went to the GP to check that there was no infection and she wasn't concerned, so I guess I was just lucky first time around! I'm just finding it a bit of a nuisance as I'm training for a marathon and running seems to make it worse. I am not the type of person to sit with my feet up! Just waiting for the results now - good luck to everyone else waiting.