Dating with Cervical Cancer

Hi !

I’m Rebecca. I’m 32 years old and single (divorced in 2020). I was diagnosed with Stage 3C1 invasive sccc in November 2023. Before then, I had been dating a bit here and there but nothing serious.

I’m currently undergoing induction chemotherapy and immunotherapy, which is going pretty well and limited side effects. Before this point, I was hospitalized for over a month due to complications and severe pain.

Now that I’m feeling better, I’ve been talking to people on dating apps again. If it gets to the point that they want my phone number, I let them know my situation so as not to waste their time if they aren’t interested in having any part in it.

Ive found that people are generally very accepting, wanting to help, and just kind overall about it. But I haven’t met anyone in the past three months I’ve been on the apps :see_no_evil: I’m so worried I’ll be judged if I get too fatigued or show any side effects of my condition - I also wear a wig right now due to undergoing chemo right now, so there’s always the irrational fear that the wind will blow it away :joy:

And then the most anxiety-provoking thing - sex. I think most of the people I’ve spoken to assume I am able to have sex, but I do have spreading into the upper 1/3 of my vagina. I could ask my doctor if I can, but I honestly don’t even want to engage in intercourse at this point until that clears up.

Is anyone else dealing with this ? And, if so, any advice or sharing your experience is greatly appreciated !! :heartpulse: