Had loads of FAB responses to the walk/run idea at different venues around the country.

I want to get this organised so a few dates are:

September (to coincide with HPV Vac - maybe a little too soon to get organised properly)
November - to coincide with Lets Meet - could it be too cold/icy???
March - Easter falls in march??? How about Easter Monday???

Or any other ideas… Whichever date we choose, we need BIG support so best doing when most people are available…

Please let me have your ideas. Aiming to get a date pencilled in this week, so we can then sort out areas doing it, where, etc etc.

Hi Elaine Im not bothered which ever date suits everyone else thats fine with me love kaz xx :wink:


think march/april would be good as gives pleanty of time to organise and wont be too hot like has happened with the cancer research uks wlak/runs.


Hi Elaine

March/April sounds okay to me just let me know what you want me to do and I will help all I can.

Take care
Anne xx :slight_smile:

All dates are good for me hun xxx

September would be good!

sponsorship from a sanitary products manufacturer eg natracare or always? next year would be good.

I like the idea of March/April but I really dont mind any of the other dates either. :lol:

How about the cervical cancer week in January, we could have Jo’s sweatshirts instead of T-shirts :wink:

Anything other than September would be good for me!

Z x

How does easter Sunday sound next year. 23rd March…

If this is ok for you let me know please.

Can anyone who wants to organise their own area event please pm me and we can get the ball rolling.

Does 5k sound ok. To walk should take about three quarters of an hour to an hour.

I will try and co-ordinate the whole event - we all need to set off at the same time - say noon or what about something a bit different and do a sunrise walk (breast cancer do the moonlight walk?) in different parts of the country.
Do big knickers sound ok to everyone.??? I will start looking into where we can get them from and printed up…

Anyone with any ideas please lets have em…

We will get sponsor forms going and as much publicity for jos and cc as we possibly can… whilst having a laugh on the way.

Hi Elaine

Count me in to do one for the south-west. Will need your help and advice , will try to get as much publicity as I can and will try to twist a couple of MP’s arms to join in. I am sure Chaela’s boys will join in and her husband too although he is very shy but I will have a go at persuading him.

Take care
Anne xx :slight_smile:

Is there anyone else here interested in doing one in Wales? Would love to do that but if I’m the only one then I would happily join Anne in the South West…


Hi Bez, I’d happily do something in Wales. Don’t know how many welshy’s there are on here though!

Jan xxx

Hi Elaine sounds great if we can get enought together i dont mind sortin out manchester one, just one suggestion do you think it would be better for publicity if we did it on the saturday because sunday will be really quiet where as saturday will be people everwhere we may be able to take tubs to collect money in then.

Just an idea if not then sunday will be ok,let me know what i have to do please thanks for this speak soon love kaz xx :wink:

Great Idea for Saturday.

I am hoping to have a meet with Pamela over the next few weeks to firm up the arrangements…

Will come back to you all then…

Keep those ideas coming please.

Hi All,

I would love to do the run, but I normally go away at Easter, I’m sure a lot of other people will be to???

Love the idea of the knickers. Can we have some glam ones - maybe teal glittery ones?


Chrissy - great minds think alike - I was just thinking this morning, and teal sequins on my pants!