Dark Grey/Black Discharge

I am 57 and have had abnormal cell smears since I was 25. As a consequence, I have had yearly smears and back in about 1999 had a colposcopy but no further treatment as deemed to be nothing wrong. I had my first ‘normal’ smear in 2017 and another in 2018 so was then advised my next smear would be in 3 years. After having a smear a few weeks ago I got a result of positive for HPV with high grade (moderate) dyskaryosis cells and told I would be called for a colposcopy. I had the colposcopy last Friday where the doctor said she couldn’t get a good enough view of the cervix and wanted to take a biopsy. I had a local anaesthetic and the biopsy was taken. I didn’t really bleed much afterwards and have had no blood at all since late Friday evening. However, I had some blood appear on Wednesday night and since then have been having very small amounts of this dark grey/black discharge. Is this normal and a result of the iodine in my cervix or is it abnormal? Was also told my biopsy results could take up to 4 weeks so an anxious wait now.

Hi, sorry to hear your having to go through this, i think its normal to have dark grey/ black discharge , its the stuff they use when taking biopsy its just working its way out… i had the same after biopsy, barely any bleeding only black stuff came out with discharge. I also had high grade moderate results

Hi, thanks for the reply. Fingers crossed it’ll stop soon, just quite unpleasant looking hahahaha x

i think it only lasted a few days with me hopefully wont be long for you too and thats true its bit strange isnt it haha