dark days!!!

Hi everyone, 


Just having one of those dark, scary, depressed days. All I can think about are survival rates, my son and what the future might be like for him if I'm not around. I know we all have our moments and I'm typing through the tears I just Don't want to be scared anymore and feel like I can't see further than this.

Sorry for the rant.

Charlene xx

Hi Charlene

Don't apologise for ranting, that's what we're here for!!

Totally get where you're coming from, I remember those days well when it seemed like things wouldn't get any better, I still occassionally have my moments. Hang on in there hun, before you know it the rain will dry up and the sun will come out - something will make you laugh or at least smile and it won't feel so bad. It's all we can do - have a good cry when the bad days come and laugh our arses off whenever we get the chance :-D

Are you still going through treatment?

Sending you a massive ((((hug)))) xxxxx


You don't need to apologise at all, I think we all have days like this, we can get through and we will get through, it's just the hardest fight....xxx

Yeah I'm still going through the chemotherapy it just seems to be taking forever and I just want to get to the end and get some form of closure.  After the chemotherapy ill have surgery hopefully and that will be it. Although there is still a possibility I will recieve radiotherapy as well xxx