Damaged during smear?



I'm quite worried the nurse who did my recent smear test on Wednesday has caused some damage.


When she inserted the speculum she opened it very quickly and I felt a burning sensation. She said she couldn't locate my cervix so twisted the speculum whilst inside which caused a wave of pain which was unbearable. After this it felt like she grabbed my cervix and twisted it around and whilst swabbing it felt like she was scraping my cervix on the top.


She immediately said I was bleeding and that I had better use a towel. 


The pain I had in my stomach was three times as worse as when you have a punch biopsy. I felt very tearful but just decided to leave rather than say anything as I was embarrassed.


I have continued to bleed for three days now and there have been clots and a watery discharge. I also have a constant ache in my tummy especially when I bend. I tried to call the colposcopy clinic but their answering machine says they're closed until Monday. Sorry for the grossness.


Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I'm worried she's damaged me. 

Hi there lovely,

I can't really offer much advice but bless you, I read this and felt so sorry for you. I too had a smear a week past Friday and it was traumatic enough . I think you should get in touch with someone on Monday for some advice or to be checked . I hope you feel better soon. Wishing you well x