D&C, Colposcopy & Hysteroscopy tomorrow (Long)

After many agonising hours of searching google I've landed here! I am driving myself crazy reading BUT I have learnt a lot and can't believe how naive I was about the whole cervical screening process and the reality of how serious this all is!
13 years ago I had an abnormal smear and was referred to a Gyno for a punch biopsy. During the exam when she put the solution on my cervix no cells turned white. She was a little perplexed at this so didn't do the biopsy (YAY!) but referred me for a Cone Biopsy under a GA. When i went back for the results, she said the cells had been found right at the top of the cervix and that it had been removed and it's wasn't cancer & was told to have yearly smears. Reading my report now (I didn't understand it at the time in was CIN2)
For 13 years I've been clear. Here is where my naivety comes in, as I thought since i'd been clear for so long I really didn't need to worry about this anymore, I believed Cervical cancer took YEARS to develop (why else would they only test people every 3 years!?). I hate smear tests and put my last one off for nearly a whole year, UNTIL 5 months ago I had a little bit of spotting a few days before my period. Didn't take much notice until the following month it happened again, then after the 3 month I went to the DR.
She did a smear test (said she saw blood on my cervix) and sent me for an ultrasound. Both the smear test and the ultrasound were all clear. I gave a huge sigh of relief and thought this was all over!
My GP still wanted me to see a Gyno so I went back to the same one I had 13 years ago. The Dr's receptionist called me to make an appt and said i would need a punch biopsy, I couldn't understand why as my smear and ultrasound had been clear! fast forward to my appt, I had worked myself into a bit of a state. My Gyno is super lovely and assured me that if anything needed to be done that she could do it under a GA (love her) yes that is how much of a baby I am! She said she would just examine me and do a smear, she said there will be nothing for me to see as my test had been all clear.
After she did the exam she said she 2 areas had turned white and that I also had what looked like a cervical ulcer that she would like to biopsy as well. I was booked in to have a D&C, Colposcopy & Hysteroscopy and she said she will biopsy a few areas.
Of course i have diagnosed myself and in my head I am thinking the worst. Every story I am reading on the net with similar symptoms goes down a medical road I don't want to be part of! I am not even sure why I am posting here, i guess I just want someone to say "you'll be ok, there is no way anything worse is going to come from this" but I know I just have to wait.... I feel like I am going craaaaazy Frown

Hi hun,

I had a colopscopy and hysteroscopy last Tuesday and I am just awaiting the results as we speak. I'm am going crazy with waiting for the results.

All the stories I have read too go down the same route which I dont want to be part off but the reality is that because of the type of forum this is and also the stories on the internet are worst case scenarios. There are lots of people who get the all clear but we dont hear their stories.

I know what you are going through so feel free to message me anytime.

Big Hugs and I'm sorry you are having to go through this.

Kerry x

Thanks so much for your reply Kerry. You make a lot of sense :)


How long do you have to wait for your results? My Gyno said 2 weeks.


I will be sending great thoughts your way for a positive outcome for you.



I was told that I should have my results within 10 days so hopefully by tomorrow. It seems as though I have been waiting forever....lol

Thank you I hope your results are good too :-)

Keep me posted



Hi everyone! My  D&C, hysteroscopy and  colposcopy all results came back clear but I have been bleeding for 9 days now! I am using a tablet to stop the bleeding. I will be going back to my dr tomorrow might need a second operation to fix the bleeding problem. Did any of you bleed a lot? I used 5 packets of sanitary pads so far.

How did you go any developments?


If you go through more than two pads in one hour you need to call your specialist. Hope you get better soon!