Cystitis caused by smear 2 years in a row

Hello, has anyone else got cystitis after having a smear test/colposcopy? I'm not sure if it's some bizarre coincidence but last year, a week after my smear test I got cystitis and now this year, once again, I have cystitis a week after my smear test.

I am currently on a yearly recall after my colposcopy last year showed mild changes in my cells. I am now waiting on my current smear test results.

Hiya, it could simply be chance. Personally I have never had cystitis following on from a smear but everyone is different. I hope that your results come back clear for you

hmm I suppose it is possible - cystitis as I understand it is when bacteria from your rectum manages to make it into your urethra (where you wee from) when conducting a smear the nurse will insert a speculum and use a lubricant, this may move bacteria as its inserted or removed. Or even after the test when you carry on as normal you may be more suseptable because of the lubricant in your underwear? 

I wouldnt worry I used to suffer bady with cystitis and eventually managed to flush it out naturally with water and a better diet after spending a few years relying on antibiotics and havent had a reccurence since. Sorry to hear you had this experience following two smears though - I'ts not very plesant.

Maybe next time you are due a smear, make sure you rinse before the apt and afterwards to reduce your risk ? Drink lots of water and cranberry juice a day before and afterwards.

If you are really concerned mention on it to your doctor.