cystitis and bladder problems

Hi lady's,

Hope everybody is having a good day.

My problem is I have finished my radiotherapy last week and I am having problems with severe cystitis and a week bladder (had a few misshapps) I have had antibiotics, potassium citrate and been drinking loads of cranberry juice with no easing of the pain. Is there any advice in the way of relief of the burning it really is getting me down :-(



Hi, Diane, so sorry to hear you are having problems with this on top of your treatment. I have just had a hysterectomy five days ago, and have left with some bladder problems. You are doing all the right things, I think it just took my antibiotics longer to kick in than I initially thought. I tried lemon juice in hot water, and baking sodain water, teaspoon in glass, yuk! I’m gradually getting better. I hope it starts to improve for you today, xxxShauna

Hi Shauna,  thankyou very much for reploying and sjaring your tips with me i will try them out, after three weeks im starting to really get fed up of it ive been to see the doc today and he gave me ome tstronger pain killers and reasured me and said now that i have finished the radio things should start to hea so fingers crossed. I wish you a speedy recovery take care Diane xxx

HI Diane sorry to hear about your bladder - i'm 9 months post treatment and bladder has only JUST come right - have been on a whole range of treatments but found Endep to be the best - esp for the spasms. I really hope that your pain is just the immediate inflammation at it's worst from radation and it starts easing soon..I found mine was bad about a week after treatment ...then went away until about 4 months post treatment..maybe ask to be refered to a urologist? and I know it's basic, but do you take Ural? I found that just kept everything just bearable. Thinking of you xx

Hiya, so sorry for the slow reploy ive been having brachytherapy, had two only one left next week now:) thankyou for posting it seems alot of us have bladder problems with the treatment,  thankfully the cystitus has gone now but tryed pretty much  eeverythin,  hope you're ok :) x x x