Cycling 12 weeks post Op.

Hello ladies,

Hope you are all doing ok! Just a bit of a random question really, but those of you who like to cycle and have had a Radical Hysterectomy (laparoscopic) how long after your op did you feel ok for being out and about on your bike? 

I'm 12 weeks post Op now and absolutely fine other than the odd twinge " down there" every now and then. Really fancy going for a gentle cycle but I'm off on hols in a few weeks and don't want to risk doing anything to set myself back  

Greta x 

Hi. I was back in the gym and went for a light swim after 6 weeks. I added ten minutes of spinning a few weeks later ;-) you'll be fine! Xxx

Thanks for that,  cycling tomorrow it is then...if it stops raining here in Scotland for long enough!