Cured by chemo

Hello ladies Well my 4th PET was all clear. The chemo cocktail of carboplatin/taxol and Avastin has worked. Just left the Oncologist who said he expects me to live a long life. From the depths of despair after metastatic disease to this makes me feel blessed. There is always hope. Jayne

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That is great news. I am so happy for u :-)


jayne I am sooo very happy for you. Life is an amazing journey with such blessings!!!!


That's great news :) xxx

Fantastic news this has been a long time coming but well worth the time and effort you have put in 

this is a great  post and just goes to show that the treatment does work with hard work and determination well done you 

now get back on that horse and  find the right man and enjoy life to the full 

how's Lola doing 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Yes ❤

That's brilliant news, so happy for you xxx

Gave me goosebumps wow amazing :)) and so positive for other ladies on the chemo that there is hope!! Enjoy your long and happy life after all you've been through I'm guessing you'll grab it and do just that!! fabulous xx

Amazing news,congratulations x

Fantastic news 

Ah, bless you Jayne. After all you have been through the sun is still shining. You have been and are a true inspiration to all those ladies out there who have recurrence. There is always hope, and you have proved it! Have the celebration of your life! Xx

Great news, Congrats! X

So pleased to hear your news x

flaming fantastic , I'm so pleased for you ,  your so right there is always hope .

greeni xx

Reading this post made me smile. Happy for you Jayne!

You've been through enough. 


Rosie xx

Wow!! I'm just a week out if my 2nd cycle of the same chemo praying it is working!!! Petrified it's not!! Gives me so much hope reading this xxx

Hi Leeanne You are a month behind me in diagnosis and initial treatment. I did have the hyster in January 2016 where they found cc throughout my pelvis like a shotgun blast. I really thought I was a dead woman walking. Right from the very start the oncologist said I had a 50% chance of cure through chemo. That's why I couldn't understand your prognosis and other women's prognosis of palliative as you seemed to be in the same boat as me. I am glad I have given you some hope. You never know how you'll respond. It is awful though the treatment but you have to give it your best shot. Jayne

Hi Jayne, 

FANTASTIC NEWS!!! : ) So happy the treatment has worked, time to enjoy yourself now!

This is just what I needed to hear this morning, got my CT scan at 9.25am today (results 21st) & reading your post gas eased my worries and reminded me there is success stories from having chemo.

Well done for getting through treatment & thanks for your positive post.

Take Care

Flo xx

Great news!! :) x

Hi Jayne,
I’m about to start the same chemo drugs you had. Can you tell me how you got on with them? Did you try the cold cap ?