Cuff stitches 4 weeks post op?

Bit of an embarrassing one…
I’ve felt ahem inside a few times now and all feels what I would expect to be normal? But recently I can feel my stitches poking out and my cuff seems to be a little more open then I remember although I may be imagining that? Is it normal to be able to feel your stitches? I’ve not had any blood but have had a little more discharge then usual. Hubby is keen to get some action soon but at the moment he would get a nasty sharp shock!

Only 4 weeks! You're keen! I suggest you ask your CNS as I think most of us held off way longer than that :-)

Be lucky :-)

I know! Lol

I have a slight bowel prolapse from before which got much worse straight after surgery (had to push it back in) :-( and then I thought I may have a bladder prolapse so tried feeling for it. Sounds awful doesn't it? Maybe I should have waited! Ignorance is bliss! 

Eek! ;-)

My stitches took ages to dissolve so wouldn't worry to much. Ring your cns nurse though. Have you got check up around 6 weeks that's when they check them xx