cuff granulation

hi all

Just a quick post to help anyone else who experiences the same.

Over christmas i experienced post-coital bleeding, this only happened once and not since. My next check-up (6 months) is in March, i couldn't wait until then as my first thoughts were its back!

Been to see my consultant today and after a good look round i have a area of granulation (scar hasn't healed properly) so i will need to have it treated (stirrups involved again) via cauterisation. 

Anyways i just wanted to let you know what my symptoms were, and what the outcome was, i'm quite relieved that he could pinpoint it down to a physical symptom which is easily fixed!


Hi Pat, I’ve been told I have this but they haven’t mentioned any treatment. Just wondered if you experience any abdominal pains too? If I don’t bleed I’m fine, but when I do it makes me quite poorly! Thanks, Jade xx


my consultant told me I have this in December and asked me if I had had any bleeding which I hadn't up until then and he said it will be fine. Since I have bled once after sex, lasted about a day As a small bleed. As he had told me it was ok if I did experience a small amount of bleeding, I haven't done anything about it but will mention to GP if it happens again, I think, as I am now back to GP having blood tests and ultrasound on my back as am so run down and tired all the time with a bad back... not great.


being as it is 5 months since surgery he didn't feel it was going to heal on its own at this point, and i did see him privately (not sure if this has any bearing)

As to stomach pain, i get twinges here and there but nothing so bad and i had put it down to my intestinal tract which i feel will never be the same again..

Of course this bleeding happened just as i was getting to a point when i was beginging to relax and enjoy being intimate again, i feel like we've gone back a few months..

don - sorry to hear that you don't feel so great







Thanks Pat. The first time we were intimate it was fine, but after the bleeding started and I had severe abdominal cramps, so bad I vomited and had to go to the out of hours gp. Got told it was anxiety, so thought ok we will try again. It’s very hit and miss with me, sometimes it happens and others it doesn’t. Like you, I feel it’s set me back as it’s such a big thing and I do not want this part of my life taken too. I went to the gp last time it happened as the day after the cramps it feels like everything is going to fall out- I know it won’t but it results in me walking like John Wayne lol. Gp said I have a mild prolapse!?!?
Got the consultant on 6th feb so will bring it back again, not being fobbed off shrug anxiety because that’s not the problem!!

Dons hope you are feeling better soon. I know how you feel it seems to be one thing after another doesn’t it? I’ve never been so run down in my life as what I have been since the op!



no you mustn't let yourself me fobbed off as i believe a physical symptom has to have a cause.  i only had it one time and my consultant listened to me and found the area in question, it must have been missed at my 3 month check.

And to use your john wayne reference now i know what it is i plan to get back on the horse this weekend... ;-)

i would also mention the prolapse as well at your check as they can refer you to a gynae physio...



Hi Ladies

I had the granulation treatment at my 3 month appointment - no stirrups, just legs spread and knees bent!

So sorry to read about your problems Dons, I went to the GP today and have got to have blood tests too.

I echo what has been said above about feeling run down - hate feeling like this and yes, it is one thing after another.


Cheryl, xx

Yes I will def mention the prolapse, been told by the gp to do my pelvic floor exercises for now.

Hope all went well this weekend, yeeeha! Haha xx