Ct scan

just thought I'd update folk. 

Had vaginal and anal biopsies this week, for vain and ain respectively. I keep wetting myself in the mornings and I've got a really achy left hip/thigh/buttock.

CT scan is being booked and highly likely to need another op to get rid of the vain again. 

Bit fed up, but still smiling....just.

Hi there. I have VAIN 3 and they're wanting to laser it off under GA. If you don't mind me asking have u also had CIN or just VAIN? I'm s

Hi nemo. I've replied to some of your posts. I had cervical cancer 2a, 9 months later vain 3, wide local excision to remove, now 6 months later it's looking like vain and ain. Ct is not for vain/ain but for the cc. 

Tried to extend my msg but site is playing up! Consultant couldn't see anything at all on my cervix. It's only this VAIN. I'm convinced this is cancer and that it's spread to bladder and colon. Just don't feel right at all. I hate waiting

If they thought there was any chance of it being cancer they would do a wide local excision not laser. With laser they have no tissue to analyse. So that's good news for you. have you had a hysterectomy? Had cervical cancer? 

No, just a looooong history of abnormal smears and lletz. i have a clear discharge, shooting vaginal/rectal pain and no answer as to why I have this.