Ct scan

I was staged at 1b1 but after surgery i am now 2b because of parametrium involvement amd also a parametrial lymph node involved so now i have to have chmeo and radiation and i was woundering what a ct scan is used for and what they r looking for thanks ladys XX

Hello Mmouse123. Sorry your post seems to have been answered by a spammer. I'm just jumping in to say that the ct scans are used to plan the radiotherapy - I think my consultant said they build up a 3D image of your body and then the technical people map it and target where the radiotherapy beams need to go and at what frequency. Your consultant then gets the plan back and tweaks things, until eventually it's all super precise and ready to go. During treatment you will have ct scans which check your bladder and bowel (fullness and position) to make sure everything is still hitting the right place. I was told that radiotherapy teams are the most obsessive compulsive lot of folks in a hospital. 

Anne xx

I just got my tattoos today and i am going to start chmeo and radiation on momday the 27th. I have to admit i am a little scared of what to come. I am 40 and i know most of u ladys r younger but i have had a hard time with all of this. I had the radical hysterectomy first and that was not bad but for some reason this really scares me. Thank u ladys XX

Hi Mmouse :-)

Just so you know, I was 50 when I had my radical hysterectomy and my 51st birthday was during chemo-rads. You'll be fine :-)

Be lucky :-)