CT results back!!

Hi, I'm still trying to get my head around my phone call from the consultant that my CT scan has come back to show its not spread to any other part of my body, I just had a bulge on my cervix where it is, relieved but still got EUA to get through on Monday, so is this good news?, not sure how to feel about that, still got it and got to deal with what ever comes next, Thankyiu again to all you Kal for giving me support.xxx

Hi Caroline

That's brilliant news it hasn't spread - if its just contained in the cervix then it is more easily treated.  So, so pleased for you.  Know you have more to get through yet but that's a massive hurdle you have cleared.  Wishing you lots of luck for the EUA.

Hugs,  Cheryl,xx

Thankyou for being so positive, thought CT scan was just my pelvis but it was also chest and abdomen, was dreading them telling me it had spread to other organs, a surreal feeling though as I feel glad but again sad that I'm still going to have other stuff over the next few months, seems that I'm lucky in a way compared to lots of other people, anyway back to the reality of this, got a few days off then at Addenbrookes on Monday for EUA then whatever is decided just to go with it.XXX