CT - bulky cervix plus lesions

Hi all 

I had a partial hysterectomy 3 years ago for a whole bunch of complications after a late miscarriage. 

Since then I had pretty big surgery to repair a large incisional hernia from the hysterectomy not healing properly. In January of this year I noticed I had a bulge again to the side of where the original hernia was, plus have persistent swelling of my legs. 

Went to my GP who referred me for an US scan. Had that done late Feb, and it showed a severely bulky cervix. She referred me back to gynaecology and surgical for the hernia issues. 

Fast forward a few months due to the wonderful outpatient appointment system and I was seen in the same week of July by surgical and gynaecology. Surgical said it felt like the hernia had failed, but due the complicated nature of the surgery they needed a CT done to see how best to approach the repair. 

Gynaecology a few days later dismissed my bulky cervix findings as “part of your normal cycle” as I still have my ovaries. Didn’t do an exam, etc. 

Had my CT at the beginning of August and it was reviewed by surgical and they urgently referred me to gynaecology again. I got an appointment on Monday to attend on Friday. Called to question this and was simply told “there are several issues on the CT” My GP called me today to ensure I had the appointment and that I was going to attend, and advised me not to go alone as the CT has shown several lesions along with the bulky cervix again. 

Has anyone had cervical issues after hysterectomy similar to this, and has any advice? Thanks 

Are you saying that they left your cervix in post hysterectomy and that's why it's partial?

There was one lady on here SoozeH who developed what they thought was cervical cancer after a partial hysterectomy. However it later proved to be endometrial cancer. It's possible that her treatment plan may have differed with the right diagnosis. 

I haven't heard of any one else with this scenario. I have to be honest in that the sequence of events doesn't sound like you are going to be given good news. I would suggest that if it is bad news (I hope it isn't)  make sure you are very demanding about finding out what histology type you are dealing with. Dont let them fob you off with vague terminology like "lesions".

Whatever the news you are talking about something local here...entirely treatable!

Good luck,

Karen x

Hi Gilz,

I can't shead any light onto your experience. I just wanted to wish you well and ask how your appointment went? Was it Friday just gone or next Friday? 

Steph. X