CS results, referred for colposcopy...upset

Hello another newbie here. Apologies if this has been asked before but can't find anyone else in a similar situation (maybe haven't searched well enough - sorry).

i gave birth by unplanned c-section last October 2014 to a beautiful baby girl. I attended my smear appointment 3 weeks ago (tomorrow) & this morning I have received the results Which say that "the report from the laboratory showed that my cervical screening result was normal. The laboratory also tested my screening sample for the presence of high risk HPV which can cause cervical abnormalities. The report showed some evidence of HPV infection".

in 2008 I had a colposcopy which resulted in a hysterscopy & laparoscopy under general anaesthetic in the November of that year. After this I was required to attend further appointments with the nurse (2 of which I admit I missed) as the colposcopy and subsequent treatment caused me a huge amount of anxiety & stress (unfortunately I have a real fear of hospitals etc).

as a result of this mornings correspondence I now am required to attend another colposcopy to investigate the HPV - firstly I feel quite disgusted with myself as HPV sounds so unpleasant & now having my beautiful little munchkin this has made the anxiety come back - I know HPV is allegedly quite common.

from the leaflet enclosed it says that a colposcopy is done to investigate 'dyskaryosis' - the leaflet is screaing unpleasant things at me & now I am getting into a state particularly as I now have my little one. please can anyone shed any light on treatment for this horrible HPV once the colposcopy has been done?

not sure what I'm asking really but can anyone who may have been in a similar position give me any advice/reassurance...sorry for rambling but I'm getting myself in a muddle & am really worried.

thank you x