Cryotherapy - CIN 3


My biopsy result came back with CIN 3 and I now have an appointment for cyrotherapy to remove the abnormal cells.

Just a little worried how successful the cryotherapy is… I thought I would be having a loop.

Any advice would really welcome.

Hi Dayco,

I just wanted to say hey and I am in the same boat as you, so I totally understand how you are feeling.  There seems to be a lot of information about the loop but not as much about cryotherapy.  I am having mine on the 21st March and to be honest I was a bit shocked and scared.

From what I have read the success rate is pretty good.

I think the one thing to keep in your mind is that you are doing all the right things and attending your appointments and getting treament.

If I find out anymore I will post it.

Big hug.