Crying - I feel like an idiot

Hi guys, sorry for a ridiculous post when there's braver ladies than me facing bigger demons and I'm jus moaning on, however I'm so scared. I keep crying - I have no idea why, I was fine until today.

I have my 2nd LLETZ tomorrow but this time for CIN3 and also a small tumour removal too. Hopefully the tumour is non cancerous, however this will determinded after my operation as I'm having a womb examination too.

I'm just so scared, I'm worried tomorrow I will get told something I don't want to hear. Got myself in a tizz Google-ing (I know, I shouldn't have been!) and also from similar stories to mine.

Please someone give me some kind of virtual kick up the a*se! I just need to stop being daft and pull myself together.

Lucy x

Ok Lucy,

stop it! For goodness sake step away from google. I totally get why you are worried, but hold on to the fact that they have said 'non-cancerous' for the tumour. You will probably have your lletz and it will be job done.

youre not being daft though so stop beating yourself up about feeling a bit emotional today.

if it makes you feel better, there are several of us on here who have gone through treatment recently who were diagnosed with cc and yet it was still all removed at lletz. They're effective them lletz!! 

Go now and do something nice, that will keep you busy and occupy your brain.

massive hugs, will be thinking about you tomorrow,

Molly xxxxx

Hi Lucy

Don't think yourself an idiot because you are scared, everyone fears the unknown.

Hopefully everything will go ok tomorrow and it will be a huge relief.  As Molly says, go and do something nice for yourself today and keep away from Google.

Will be thinking of you and sending you big hugs.