Critical Illness

Hi there,

Has anyone recently been successful with a critical illness claim? I’m unable to work and awaiting a decision from the insurance and just wanted to hear some perhaps encouraging stories…

Thank you


i was successful in August this year. If your cancer is Invasive, then you shouldnt have a problem. I had one policy with AVIVA who paid out very quickly (less than 2 weeks). I also had a policy with Scottish Provident who took a little longer.

Good luck.



I had a Canada life policy they paid out in a couple of months, like Sharon said I think it needs to be invasive as opposed to pre cancerous 

hope you get on ok



Yes, I claimed from Scottish Provident who took their time and needed the word 'invasive' in the diagnosis. Consultants were very willing to complete paperwork.

if you have difficulties/questions there are some tips on the financial ombudsman web site. Also some slicitors who are specialists who you can call or message, I googled and found them helpful.

good luck- it's a big deal.