Critical illness


Hi all,

just wondering if anyone has had issues with critical illness cover? They are specifying invasive and malignant, but my CNS thinks mine would be classified as non-invasive! I have SO got my hopes about this, I am planning to use money to give me a longer recovery time! 

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

thanks, Molly xxxx

Hi molly 

I know we have already chatted about this, (still no word on mine by the way)

excuse my ignorance but who or what is CNS? I notice you are stage 1b when I spoke with my consultant he staged me as 1a as my tumour was less than 3mm deep and 7mm wide so im aassuming yours was larger than this as 1b is I think greater than 7mm wide less than 1cm and less than 5mm deep but greater than 3mm so I dont understand how that could be not invasive??

its so frustrating isn't it, I hope you get answers soon 

Sarah xxx

Thanks Sarah,

my CNS is my cancer nurse (Macmillan). I'm trying to stop myself planning house jobs in my head, just in case.

Molly xxx

Mollz, I was 1b1 and my critical illness paid out, it was with L&G. I also sell critical illness cover, I think the definition of invasive just means not pre cancer (ie cin). Once you have a cancer diagnosis it should pay out, so try not to worry!

My policy brought us, among other things, a new kitchen and a trip to lapland! I hope yours is successful too.

Ali x

Thank you so much!!! My hopes are getting up again! Funny, my thoughts turned to Lapland too!!! But have been dying to take my two princess mad kids to disney before they get too old, so I'll aim for that. That and a lot of home repairs!!!

Molly xxxx

Keeping everything crossed for you, have you requested doctors reports. That might put your mind at rest. 

Sarah xxx