cramping + bleeding 3-4 weeks on post LLETZ?

Hi all,


So I had a bit of a nightmare with my LLETZ - it went well, was good for a couple of days then the silver nitrate must have come off (I think related to having dogs jump on me) and I ended up in A&E with heavy blood loss. I was kept overnight and given blood clotters and antibiotics to go home with. I couldnt finish my antibiotics course as I must have picked up a stomach bug in hospital as I was being sick non stop and couldnt hold anything down!! I've been cramping and bleeding on and off since and today is particularly bad, could it be an infection or maybe related to scarring if I didn't heal properly? 



I would go back to the doctor. I also hemmmoraged after lletz infection and the antibiotics they give can cause sickness so they can give you anti sickness medication. I waa terribly sick in hospital until they added the anti sickness meds. The infection will stop the healing so def go back and get checked out. Good luck x