"courtesy call" from hosp day before colp appt - anyone else?

Hi All,

Forgive the crazy post. My colp is tomorrow (pap results were high grade dyskaryosis) so today is sitting at my desk actively trying not to think about tomorrow and I get a call from the hospital as a “courtesy” to make sure I’m coming tomorrow and to say “you might want to bring someone with you…”. Because I am just ever so slightly neurotic, I am now panicking and reading meaning into things that most likely is not there at all.

If some of you lovely ladies could just confirm that I’m being crazy and/or stupid and that this is standard practice I would appreciate it greatly!

Don't panic Hun, it's not the most pleasant experience, but  it's not painful, the only reason they say bring someone is just for moral support, as if you need any local you shouldn't drive after. Try not to worry, some hospitals call because a lot of people miss appointments. Hope all goes well x

As Tasha said, they get a lot of no-shows. My doctor told me they get loads of people who simply don't turn up on the day, so they will call to remind them, and also so that if someone drops out they can offer someone else an earlier appointment. I honestly don't think you should read anything sinister into it.

If your clinic/hospital is one which treats on the day if they can, you might have a LLETZ treatment and in that case can be a little shaky after and probably shouldn't drive, hence the suggestion that you bring someone with you.

Hope that reassures you a bit - it all sounds quite normal protocol to me. Good luck for your colpo, and don't worry, it's really not too bad


Thanks ladies!  I did mention that I was slightly neurotic... haha.  This whole situation has made me slightly demented I think x

hey sweets,

I had to take my husband and I am glad that I did because he was amazing throughout the LLETZ procedure and the amount of adreneline they shot into me ment I coud walk let alone drive after the treatment! TBH I think after all the anxiety we all go through with this we should have a day of after as well to let your body relax and to take in what has happened.

be thinking of you, you will be fine



My hospital sends texts (about 3 per appointment!) just when you are keeping calm and not thinking, one comes along like a rain cloud! Bringing someone is a great idea. You might have to wait a while for your appointment, and if you have LLETZ you might feel a bit shaky from the injections after, nothing worrying but nice not to have to drive. It also helps to have another pair of objective eyes and ears. I didnt dare look at the screen but my husband did, he took a lot more information in, and in a much more positive manner than I did. 

Good luck tomorrow. Big hugs x x

Thanks again ladies.  It's been so helpful having a place to vent and having people to give you a reality check when needed :)  My OH is driving me but I'm still debating whether to make him sit in the car!  I generally deal with stuff better when I'm on my own and I'm quite independent.  He, however is adamant he is coming in so we will see who wins! haha. 

Well, if all you lovely ladies could keep everything crossed for me tomorrow, particularly your legs (seeing as I won't be allowed to keep mine crossed!) that would be awesome! x

Best of luck today, you can be sure that everyone here is thinking of you. Let's hope they get it sorted for you today and you can forget about (well, until your 6 month checkup anyway!)



Thanks moggsy!

The colposcopy went relatively well.  I'm still slightly worried due to comments made by the consultant but he (and the rest of the team) were truly lovely.  He said I needed treatment, and he has taken some stuff out but from what I can understand, it was (so he thinks) indicative of CIN2.  BUT he did make comments about atypical blood vessels which has made me a little bit concerned (must remember STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE!!!).  My feeling is that this is not the end of it but I am definitely more hopeful than I was before, so YAY to that at least.

Oddly enough, I could NOT feel the local anaesthetic at all, but boy did I feel the speculum.  Wonder if they use a bigger speculum than the nurse does at the smear or if he was just not as gentle with my lady parts... 

Also, had a lovely med student in who held my hand throughout, bless her.  She's going to make an excellent dr.  

Interestingly, the consultant said that with CIN3, there is around a 30% chance of it developing into cervical cancer in around 12 years. 

Guess its just a wait and see now.  My appointment letter said 4 weeks for biopsy results but the nurses said a couple of weeks and that the consultant calls you and will send a letter if he can't speak to you.  Must say I am very impressed with the speed and attitude of the staff at my local hospital.  We are definitely lucky to have the NHS.


I'm glad to hear it all went OK :-) That's funny what you said about the speculum because I thought it felt smaller than when I had my smear ....and at the opposite end of the scale (as you can see from my footer) the LA injections made me jump several feet in the air, they hurt so much!

They will send the tissue removed during treatment off to the lab, and check it to confirm CIN level, clear margins and the absence of anything more sinister. My results took the full 4 weeks to come back for the biopsies, and 6 weeks for the LLETZ, so if they get yours to you in 2, you're pretty lucky I think. The waiting sucks - it's better to know.

Best of luck and hope that this will be all the treatment you need