Hi ladies

wondered if anyone could offer insights/advice on counselling?

I've been looking into cancer specialist counselling privately as I haven't been given any info about anything through NHS.

I've got a call with my nurse on Friday but not sure if this is something offered as standard through NHS?

Keen to get some help as my head is a bit all over the place but also don't want to rush it if it's not the right person etc.



Hi Rachel,

I also had a trachelectomy about 6 months ago. I have recently seen a counsellor at a local cancer charity who provide them free or charge/for a donation. I was actually referred for counselling before cc last year due to some other issues and saw a counsellor for 1 session at my gp practice and then got diagnosed. I have heard on the nhs that they only offer 6 sessions of counselling. If I were you I would look into somewhere like a cancer charity to see if they offer a similar service to the one where I live. I live in Scotland so I am sure there are quite a few charities around the UK that must be similar to the one I go to. 

The lady I have seen is nice, I just feel like I offload all of my thoughts on to her, I feel like it may take a while for things to actually come out properly. The main issue I have found is that appointments tend to be during working hours. Hope you manage to find someone suitable! xx

Thanks Mistell that's really helpful! Glad you have found it useful.

I was thinking the same thing re appointments during working hours ( I'll be back at work soon) but sure I can make it work if I need to.

I'm speaking to my nurse tomorrow so I will ask her, but will also look into cancer charities as well.

Thanks again :-)

Rachel xx

I have had two loads of counselling, first lot was through a local cancer support charity provided free and i have just finished another 5 provided through employee assistance by my employer. Both counsellors were lovely really helpful. I would totally recommend it, really helps x