Couldn't do smear and urgent referral




Not sure where to start really. Following really heavy periods I was told I had a Fybroid. I should have had it out a 2/3 years ago but I’m type 1 diabetic and when i went for the preop my bloods were to high so they couldn't do it.


Fast forward a couple of years i went for a smear last week but they couldn’t do it because I was bleeding. I didnt realise but I did tell her I have spotting between periods and after sex. I also have very heavy periods with big clots (thought this was all due to fybroid).


Went again yesterday and they still couldn't do it. This time I wasn’t bleeding but she couldn’t get to the cells she needed to. Sounded like there was something protruding or it was a lot of swelling red/purple I think (might have just made the colours up but I’m sure one of them said that). They called in another nurse to have a look then the doctor. I already had an appointment with this doctor for next week (nurse asked me to book it after 1st attempt at smear and discussions we'd had) Doctor asked me to change it at reception for that afternoon. When I went she asked me questions like what I’ve mentioned above. She’s told me not to worry but referred me via the fast track. She doesn’t think its all fybriod related, what they’re seeing now wasn’t there on my last smear she said. I’m expecting an appointment within 2 weeks and need to chase if I’ve not heard in a week. I’m trying not to worry and read about 9 out of 10 cancer referrals are not cancer (that isn't a specific cancer) but I can’t help but worry and google it. Hoping my appointment comes through very soon. Any info/advice greatly received :-)

Thanks for reading and having somewhere to write this.